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Fausto Logger (only for Diablo wireless version)
Log the ECMs receive by the base or receive card traffic informations,
depend of option selected : ECMs or Card

Cam Settings
1.DEBUG must be ON (ECMs send to base)
2.EMULATOR must be ON
3.Fixed CW set to OFF (DCW not work since 179 when OFF increase speed)
4.AUTO PMT OFF or ON (must be set to ON for RAI chanels or not work)

How to
1.Connect the base
2.Run fausto
3.In main menu selection option "Tools->Twinbase->Logger"
4.Select Log type : ECMs or Card
5.Press Connect button
6.Now Fausto Logger started
PS: base must be disconnected for switching between ECMs logs and Card Traffic

Connect/Disconnect -> connect or disconnect to base,
when connected a message appear in log window
Clear Logs-> clear datas logs window
Save log-> Save datas log window in text file
Send Control word -> used if you want to test DCW keys before put the keys on KEYS.BIN,
if option ticked Control Word will be sent,
with datas entred (caid, provid, sid, CW0 & CW1).
Datas can be changed in real time without restarting logger.

Card Traffic:
DO NOT Insert card in base before it will be asked (message appear in log window)
ATR of card will be showed first
Then all other instructions send or receive by card will be showed (INS,ECMS,CONTROL WORD,...)
Problem founds: sometimes card not reset correctly by the base in this case,
extract and reinsert card until log start correctly
It's only a ligth function not detailled, request somes knowlege about card emulation

How to use Diablo Wireless

Fausto Diablo WIFI (english)

Fausto Diablo WIFI (italian)