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Fausto & Card Client
Protocol supported:
- CAMD33 (TCP)
- CAMD35 (UDP)
- CAMD35 (TCP)
- Gbox Listener (UDP, only locally)
- CCCam (TCP)
- TWIN Protocol (Serial)

Clients works like Servers, a Manager added, mean all clients will be connected at same time
Like for servers will use CFG file to define client
Syntax about client include in file \Fausto\EMU\CardClient\FaustoClients Example.Cfg
File loaded by Manager is named FaustoClients.cfg
For first start rename FaustoClients Example.Cfg to FaustoClients.Cfg

How to connect to server like client:
Before require a FaustoClients.cfg updated with correct settings
1.Run Fausto
2.Clic on Emulator Icon
3.Clic on Tab Client
4.Press LOAD button (=load clients settings)
5.Press START button (=connection to servers)

Fausto Clients Options
For Syntax of FaustoClients.Cfg report to file
Fausto\EMU\CardClient\FaustoClients Example.Cfg
Rename the file to FaustoClients.Cfg
Let Fausto create new default file when you'll try to edit file (Client-Configuration)

Under this option will start all clients include in file FaustoClients.cfg
It show:
- status connection
- type (Newcamd/Radegast/camd3/camd35 TCP-UDP/Gbox Listener)
- IP
- Port
- Caid & provids supported
- Username/password
- Key
To run: Press LOAD Button then press START
ECM debug: Show or not incoming ECM datas on tab Logs
EMM debug: Show or not incoming EMM datas on tab Logs

Local popup menu: (Mouse right clic)
- Start: start client selected
- Stop: stop client selected
- Remove: remove selected client on manager

Drag & Drop: Possible to change order of clients list (when running/stopped)

Show all Caids/providers/Coding system avalaible under clients
List sorted on caid/providers

Show all SID ignored
Ignore SID can be apply on one client or all clients, depend how you enter I line
Port server entered to prevent conflict between 2 cards using same caid/provids
but with differents rights

Show the chids used by card server
Used with Irdeto/betacrypt cards

Under this tab you can edit/modify FaustoClients.Cfg file
Open: Load file FaustoClients.Cfg
Save: Save file FaustoClients.Cfg
Verify: Check syntax errors on FaustoClients.Cfg (show lines status)
file syntax errors reported on tab REPORT
Rename file Fausto\EMU\CardServer\FaustoClients.Cfg Example.Cfg to FaustoClients.Cfg
After loading file (OPEN button) press VERIFY and go on tab REPORT

After Press START button on tab MANAGER
Status of servers will be showed on this tab

There is 2 kind of log: ECM & EMM
ECM information will be showed if Option ECM Debug ticked on MANAGER
EMM information will be showed if Option EMM Debug ticked on MANAGER

Client Remote server:
If card can't be read by Fausto it's possible to use client connected to others card server tools
and share the card
We have card X not read by Fausto, but read correctly by newcs
Will run newcs on port 15000
Will connect Fausto client to this port
Under Fausto Server will enter line with same caid/provid but on different port for example 18000
When Client connect it send ECM To Fausto server on port 18000, ecm will be sent to Fausto client then
to NEWCS server on port 15000
CW Decoded by NEWCS will be sent to Fausto Client/Server then to client connected on server
It is same for EMM
Mean on all case will made card worked in sharing

Fausto Client cccam (english)

Fausto Client cccam (italian)