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Fausto & DVB PlugIns:

- NO PCTV Card required

- Copy DVB Plugins Files under folder ..\Fausto\EMU\PlugIns

Fausto Settings:
1.Edit File ..\Fausto\EMU\FESettings.ini & set DVBPlugIns=1
(0-disabled 1-enabled)
2.Run Fausto
Open Emulator Window
Under Monitor Press mouse right clic
Under Auto Functions be sure option DVB Plugins checked
Close Emulator Window & open it again
3.Run Fausto
Open Emulator Window
Clic on Tab Setup
Close Emulator Window & open it again
On Combo list box Select File FESettings.ini
Clic on Open button
set DVBPlugIns=1
Clic on Save button
Close Emulator Window & open it again

How to:
Suppose option DVB Plugins already enabled
1.Run Fausto
2.Open emulator
3.Behind FE window Fausto MD Api Wrapper will be loaded
4.On main Menu All plugins loaded will be showed
5.Clic on One plugin name & clic on option Monitor, Plugin main window will be open
6.Run Wireless,Season,SSSP/HSIC/TM SHARE or Card server & ecms will be send to DVB plugins
7.If ECMs not comming under DVB Plugins try to disable option ONCHANNELCHANGE on menu OPTIONS

Fausto Ignore list can be applied with
You can use specific filter under window MD API Wrapper
Enter you Caids/providers

Worked with:
- Emulator
- Card Client
- Card Server

Fausto Emulator & DVB Plugins (English)

Fausto Emulator & DVB Plugins (Italian)