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Tab Monitor:
Is the main window of emulator
It show: Ecms, caid, prid, key id, key value & CW
After ecm received if fausto get cw Datas will become blue if can't get cw datas stay red
To decode Ecms FE need keys file with active keys on it for that load keys file by pressing folder icon
Local menu: Press Mouse right clic, for details report to Fausto & Emulator Settings.txt
Fixed CW Checked: use Direct Control Word from keys.bin
Tracker checked: log all datas receive under tab Tracker
Monitor checked: Show all datas under Emulator window
Clear Datas: clean all datas showed under monitor & wait next incoming ecm for refresh
Exit: Close emulator window

Tab Keys:
Show all keys loaded from keys.bin
Is possible to select & update key value, those change will not be applied on keys.bin file ONLY in memory

Show all BISS keys loaded from keys.bin
Force too diablo wireless to use biss keys selected, for that select key wanted & CAM IP & press icon key
With SSSP/HSIC Biss keys found auto via pmt receive
With Season/Card server BISS keys not applied

Tab CW:
Show all Direct Control Word loaded from Keys.bin
For using those keys Fixed CW under monitor must be enabled
For Season Interface report to file Fausto & DCW with Season.txt for how to
For others material worked auto

Log all incoming ecms on it
Press Mouse Right for local option (save log & clear log)
Example of datas logged
Source Diablo Wireless
Caid 0x0100 (sid:0x2010)
Provider 003315 Decoded << From CCCam Server >>
Key 0E->00000000000000000000000000000000
Ecm 8100613315000--EXEMPLE--9365DD85291BA4D06862AE612019E7AAFF135BC
CW D7C6--EXEMPLE--70AE9C7BAC463A33A <136,184 ms>

Ignore List:
Filter caids/provids
IF you enter CAID with empty provider list, all providers concerning caid(s) will be ignored
example: 0500 0100
If you enter provider list with empty caids list, all provider concerned will be ignored
example: 020810 032920
It's possible to select caid and provider ignored
For that, enter caid concerned and provider
example: 0500 020810 032920
If you enter 0500 0100 020810 032920 caid 0100 will not be ignored cause no provider concerned
by this caid on providers ignore list & cause providers list not empty

Is Fausto Cards server function (card sharing)
Worked with clients
-Camd35 TCP
-Camd35 UDP
Function supported:
- Emulator
- DVB plugins
- Cards support
- Cards Client
Report to file Fausto & Cards servers.txt for details

Is Fausto Cards client function (card sharing)
Worked with server
Gbox Listener
Twin Protocol (Serial)
Gbox (UDP)
Report to file Fausto & Card Client.txt for details

Is Fausto Cards support function (official cards or cards emulation)
Irdeto 1/2
Seca 1/2
Viaccess 1/2
Nagra 2/3
Report to file Fausto & Cards support.txt for details

Give possibilities to use protocol SSSP/HSIC/TM Share/PC CSC ECM via serial connection
Function supported:
- Emulator
- DVB plugins
- Cards support
- Cards Client
Report to file Fausto & Receiver Serial How To.txt for details

Worked with many Cams/box reader
Emulations supported:
- Irdeto
- Seca
- Viaccess
- Conax
- Cryptoworks
Function supported:
- Emulator
- DVB plugins
- Cards support
- Cards Client
For details report to files:
- Fausto & Season Interface How To.txt
- Fausto & Season Bauds Rate Table.txt
- Fausto & Season Bauds Settings.txt
- Fausto & DCW with Season.txt
- Fausto & Season Irdeto Custom Caids.txt

Worked with Diabo Wireless cam and base unit
Function supported:
- Emulator
- DVB plugins
- Cards support
- Cards Client
Report to file Fausto and Emulator How To.txt for details

Edit/Modify most of Fausto file settings
-FESettings.ini (emulator global settings)
-Cards.ini (official or emulation cards)
-Season.ini (season)
-SecaProviders.ini (Season)
-ViaccessProviders.ini (Season)
-CryptoworksProviders.ini (Season)
-IrdetoCustomCaids.ini (Season)
Open: Load file wanted
Save: save changes on file
After Saving important datas reloaded auto

FAUSTO Emulator Options (english)

FAUSTO Emulator Options (italian)