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Fausto Season Interface Support:
Require 9 pin serial cable connected from Season interface to pc
After connection will work like a smartcard with Xin1 Support
Its the way to make somes cams working with Fausto Emulator
Worked with many cams & receveir embedded card reader
It use Fausto Emulator with all cams/card reader connected to season
Now Fausto is universal
1 keys file used with many support
Old Cams/receivers back to life
For Example MR1051 decode same as Fausto emulator & diablo wireless
Tpscrypt 2/3 back again on dragon
Matrix/Joker has now new emulator via Fausto
Same for my old receiver now back to life (no emu update since few years)

How to:
Insert Cam on receiver
DO NOT INSERT Season interface before Fausto Season Connection
1.Run Fausto
2.Select Emulator function
3.Under MONITOR load keys.bin (or under tab Season drag file keys.bin)
4.Clic on Tab Season
5.Select season EMULATION (irdeto, seca, viaccess, conax) on popup menu (mouse right clic)
6.Select Season COM PORT
7.Enter COM params (cf file Fausto & Season Bauds Settings.txt)
8.Clic on Connect
9.Insert Season card on cam
10.Wait Till boot sequence message appear
Select chanel wanted on receiver, if you are under right season emulation, picture will be cleared
If all work correctly on your cam ci, season emulation appear like new card inserted
How to Know if Connection Establish correctly ?
After season insertion, Fausto receive "Answer To Reset" & sent ATR
It mean connection establish correctly
If not it mean season badly inserted (invert the insertion way)
In general on cams contacts are face up, on receiver card reader face down

After Connection, possible to get a new popup menu (depend of emulation in use)
- Under Irdeto:
A new popup menu appear (mouse right clic) with all Nagra2 Provider available
Under Irdeto emulation ECM comes without First byte of ident, this option solve the problem
Select the nagra2 provider concerned and chanel will be cleared
For Premiere, KD, ORF Betacrypt tuneled Nagra2 used, if not decode, force decoding by using provid in popup menu
(Caid 1702,1722,1762 must be present on cam CAIDS list)
- Under Viaccess:
Option force tpscrypt mode under popup menu (mouse right clic)
Tick this option if ECM under tab monitor coming without header 007C0X (x is the key in use) and
chanel will be cleared
- Under Conax (only xin1):
Option force tpscrypt mode under popup menu (mouse right clic)
Tick this option if tps not decoded
- Under Cryptoworks:
Possible to change Season CAIDS via popup menu
Extract & Reinsert Season interface on reader to appply CAID changes
(do not press Connect/Disconnect button)

Season Cards Emulation Implemented:
Irdeto (xin1 supported)
Conax (xin1 tested only under xsat cdtv 410 and worked)

Fausto Season Interface (english)

Fausto Season Interface (italian)

Bauds Settings