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Version 1.45 (23/06/2010)

Viaccess 2.6/3.X: keys are now defined on keys file (XML or BIN)
BIS TV & CSAT tested & worked (load keys.bin file joined under MONITOR)

Added option ECM/EMM Offline decoding
Report to File Fausto_ECMOfflineDecoding.txt for more details

-Added Extented Tracker Log window -> double clic on Tracker log Window
To back to normal window log, double clic again on original log window

*Card Client:
Newcamd: send keep alive command to server
Newcamd: Added datas SIDOVERRIDE report to FaustoClients_Example.cfg for syntax & definition
CCCam: code improved (io handler modified too)
Gbox: connection improved (tested with Mbox worked)
Gbox: Connection Line status modified: if no shares from server at connection, status = FAILED
Gbox: Added CardId on ECM Log

Added HomeShare protocol
Code improved & usb to com cable worked too

*Cards Support:
Viaccess: TNTSat Card Fix
Nagra 2/3: EMM support Fix (prid definition on FE server N Line {1803/007001 007101} to got emms from client, Mgcamd Tested)
Irdeto: added australian card support (report to file ..\Fausto\EMU\Cards\cards.ini for datas, delete existing file to create new one updated with new datas)
Viaccess: new datas atrbaud,datasbauds,parity,StopBits inserted on Cards.ini file (delete existing file to create new one)

*Season Interface:
Season Profile: new datas inserted under Season.Ini file (ATR for all emulation, COCO for Irdeto)
Season Profile: Structure file modified (somes datas changed place)
Delete Season.ini file before Install Fausto, will be recreated auto with new datas

Languages files updated due to new changes

- Fausto v1.45 Windows setup
- Fausto v1.45 Linux Wine setup
- Fausto Themes Pack 01
- Fausto Themes Pack 02
- Fausto Themes Pack 03